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#Santana Lopez #Baby Girl your face… #She tries so hard to keep her head held high and look like it doesn’t phase her #not only because she doesn’t want anyone to notice the cracks in her armor but also because #she really really legitimately like wants to own this—for once she wants to own up to the fact #that she is who she is: Santana Lopez who is gay and likes girls and loves one girl in particular #She wants so much to be brave and to embrace all the awesomeness that she is #But that’s the thing: Santana knows that not everyone will embrace #her awesomeness even if she embraces it herself #People are so quick to throw stones at anything that’s too beautiful or powerful or unique or great #And that’s the hardest part: Giving herself over to the inevitability that after all these years of fighting #and lying and pretending to be someone she’s not #she’s finally going to fall #She’s like a queen walking into the throne room where she knows that her subjects have already planned a coup#It’s going to happen but she faces it so bravely #And that’s the thing about being brave: It doesn’t mean that one isn’t afraid #It means that one is afraid but faces her fear #Our poor brave Baby Girl… #She’s so much stronger than people give her credit for

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i am dying from unrequited love